Monday, 19 December 2011

Hello and Welcome to the Blog

(insert token introductory comments here)

Actually in terms of an introduction for those who don't know me, or just a quick note about where I'm from and where I'm at at the minute is a guest blog I did for another trestle author. An edited version of this will probably end up as my bio on this blog.

I suppose I should explain the name of the blog, but i'm writing this bit last, its late and I'm tired so I should probably leave that for another time.

As I write this i'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with this blog.  I'm certainly going to try and use it to plug my writing, both the online publications and paper.  I'd like to use it as a political blog the way Richard Seymour uses the mighty Lenin's Tomb, which was originally meant to just be an archive of particularly good forum posts and slap downs against the forces of neo-liberalism and their defenders among the left but every time I read Lenins Tomb I feel hopelessly out classed by Seymours depth of analysis and what we assume must be some sort of OCD related graphomania.  That boy can knock it out.  Still, it is nice to have an outlet to do sporadically and haphazardly what Seymour and others can do consistently.

I'll more than likely be using this blog to wax lyrical about the other things I care about, i.e. to keep a running cultural commentary on whatever I happen to be into at the given moment in terms of Culture.  Anyone who knows me knows that I can and do talk at length about music, literature, cinema, all other forms of media and so on.  I do talk about that stuff a lot but I'm not always just talking shite.  Hopefully some of it is at least informed slabbering, like do I have a masters in Cultural History.

I probably should have started this years ago.  That, ironically has probably been one of the things that have been keeping me from doing it, that doing so would invalidate all the time spent pissing about and not just doing it.  Well that time is invalidated anyway by dint of me not having much to show for it.  or maybe I do and this blog is going to at least be an extension of what I am going to have shown for all my mental efforts.  Still the slight anxiety I have now reminds me of a Dylan Moran skit about realising your potential.

Still I think the time has come to stop arsing around and get things done and this blog is one of them.

> Implying that I'm not just going to post this then not touch the blog for another two years :).