Thursday, 16 February 2012

Update on Norman Finklestien

With reference to my previous post, read it now if you haven't already.

Well, he's since done another talk at Imperial college London and gone a lot further than he did in Belfast, including this interview where he gets stuck into the BDS movement in a way that he didn't in Belfast. He's saying the same thing but he's removing any ambiguity or nuance about tactics and strategy. 2-state solution is the only way to go and that way lies through the enforcement of international law.

I would go for a lengthy rebuttal now myself but Richard Seymour has actually done the job already. I can't help but get my 2 cents in now about one thing he said though.

I notice at the end how he mentions coming to Northern Ireland but not any of the things that were said to him by any of us. And for gods sake, this constant trotting out of the "peace process" / Good Friday Agreement as a model for Israel / Palestine. We're just as dysfunctional and messed up as we ever were, sectarianism has gotten worse since 1998, none of the paramilitary groups have ever actually gone away, some of them have just shifted gears into organised crime and are thriving. They don't go to war with each other but theres still plenty of violence and intimidation in their own communities (which was mostly the case in the troubles anyway) and the murder rate hasn't even really changed that much since the early 90s, or at least nothing to far out of line with the rest of the UK. Nothing is being done about poverty, in fact the neo-liberal line of the Assembly, which even Sinn Fein have colluded in, is just making things on the ground worse. Could people please stop making us the poster child of their descent into capitulation-ism? Even Chomsky's known to do it on occasion.

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